NASA Two stunning new photos of ourselves have been secretly leaked solar system.

The new images were taken by NASA’s new flagship device, the James Webb Space Telescope, which could give us a glimpse into the origins of the universe and help locate alien life.

This week, NASA released the first images sent back from the telescope. Photos show massive cliffs and nebulae, and NASA highlights how the telescope allows it to see stars and dust never seen before.

But in the meantime, a team appears to have revealed the first images of objects in our solar system taken by a telescope.

While they’re not quite as spectacular as the first images to be released, they could be just as important to scientists who want to use their telescopes to better understand distant worlds.

The two figures show Jupiter, and captured by the Near Infrared Camera or NIRCam device on the James Webb Space Telescope. Scientists say they have demonstrated that it is capable of photographing details such as the rings of moons and planets such as Jupiter – many of which are believed to be scattered throughout the universe.

“Observing a bright planet and its moons and rings is expected to be challenging because scattered light can affect the scientific instruments used, and fine guidance sensors must track guide stars near the bright planet,” the authors wrote. Tests show that the challenge is possible.

It also shows that the telescope will be useful for work in our own solar system, such as tracking near-Earth objects and comets that fly near our universe. Engineers took images of nine different targets to test this ability, of which Jupiter was the slowest moving.(NASA)

The images were not officially released, but were included in a NASA document detailing how the telescope has operated for scientists so far. The paper concluded that the telescope exceeded the researchers’ already high expectations for it.The telescope entered its first cycle, “demonstrating that the observatory exceeded its stringent pre-launch performance expectations,” the authors wrote. “With its revolutionary capabilities, JWST has embarked on the first of many years of scientific discovery.”

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