Do gophers farm roots? It’s not as clear as viral articles claim

A study suggests the rodents encourage root growth, but the research has its skeptics Pocket gophers certainly don’t qualify as card-carrying 4-H members, but the rodents might be farming roots in the open air of their moist, nutrient-rich tunnels. The gophers subsist mostly on roots encountered in the tunnels that the rodents excavate. But the

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Health & Medicine

The science of ghosts

Here’s what may explain why some people see, hear or feel a spooky presence A shadowy figure rushed through the door. “It had a skeletal body, surrounded by a white, blurry aura,” recalls Dom. The figure hovered and didn’t seem to have a face. Dom, who prefers to use only his first name, had been

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Software wrote an essay about itself Successful experiment with artificial intelligence, scientists agree – A news scientific field has been opened

Software based on the principle of artificial intelligence (AI) successfully “wrote” an entire essay about itself, Swedish scientist Almira Thunstrom announced the results of the latest achievement in the field of improving artificial intelligence, Swedish media reported. During the last experiment in the study and improvement of the artificial intelligence program called “GPT-3”, scientists made

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Quantum physics

Calculations indicate that aliens could broadcast quantum communications to Earth.

According to a new study, quantum transmissions could travel across interplanetary distances. An intelligent alien civilization could beam quantum messages to Earth. Particles of light, or photons, could be transmitted over vast, interstellar distances without losing their quantum nature, researchers report June 28 in Physical Review D. That means scientists searching for extraterrestrial signals could also look for quantum messages

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