A tragic incident occurred in Guanacaste,northeastern Costa Rica,where soccer player Jesus Lopez Ortiz lost his life in a crocodile attack.A large crowd of people attended his funeral to pay their respects. Jesus, also known as”Chucho,”was a player for Deportivo Rio Cañas,and the team expressed their grief and gratitude for the support received from friends,family,and the nation.

The incident took place on July 29 when Jesus jumped into the Cañas River to cool off.Unfortunately,he was attacked by a crocodile.Witnesses heard his friend’s desperate cries for help as they tried to rescue him. Despite their efforts,Jesus was taken by the crocodile, and his body was recovered only after the crocodile was shot.

The soccer team and the grieving family requested privacy and asked that any videos of the incident not be shared, out of respect for the deceased and his loved ones.

During the funeral,Jesus’s mother expressed her gratitude for the support and assistance she had received from the community.She also voiced concern about the potential overpopulation of crocodiles in the river,fearing for the safety of young people and adults alike.

In response to this concern,officials from the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) explained that investigations did not indicate an overpopulation of crocodiles.They suggested that crocodiles could even provide economic benefits through ecotourism and employment opportunities for local communities.Communities are already offering boat tours to observe crocodiles in various rivers in the area.

SINAC officials emphasized the importance of responsible behavior around crocodiles.They stressed that these animals usually avoid humans if not provoked or fed.Warning signs will be placed to inform people of the presence of crocodiles and the need to avoid feeding or interacting with them. In recent years, SINAC has been advocating for people to exercise caution and avoid interactions with crocodiles while implementing preventive measures.Tragically,similar incidents have occurred in the past,including a fatal crocodile attack on a child in another province.