Ferrier pleaded guilty on all nine counts earlier this year.

A woman from Quebec who in 2020 sent ricin-laced letters to then-president Donald Trump and eight Texas law enforcement officials has been sentenced to 22 years. While the poisoned packages were intercepted before they could reach their intended targets, 55-year-old Pascale Cecile Veronique Ferrier was hit with a slew of biological weapons charges.

She pleaded guilty on all nine counts earlier this year and agreed to the prison term as part of a plea deal, but it was only on Thursday that US District Court Judge Dabney L Friedrich signed off, making it official.

Ferrier sent the letters to Trump and the Texas officials in September 2020, just two months before the election. Along with poison, she included a note instructing Trump to “[g]ive up and remove [his] application for this election.” Around the same time, she posted threats against the president on Twitter, calling for someone to “please shoot [him] in the face.”

She was arrested that same month while attempting to cross from Canada into the United States via the Peace Bridge, which connects Buffalo, New York with Fort Eerie, Ontario. Border Patrol officers confiscated “a loaded firearm, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and other weapons.”

As for the eight Texas law enforcement officials, Ferrier was detained in the state for ten months in 2019, and accused them of playing a role in the duration of her detention.

The eight counts that stemmed from their targeting were originally set to be handled by a Texas court, however Ferrier eventually agreed to move them up to Washington, DC, where the first count was being prosecuted.

Ferrier, who is a dual citizen of France and Canada, admitted to making the poison herself at her home in Quebec. The chemical is naturally found in castor beans, and has a lethal dose of around 10 micrograms per kilogram of body weight.