As one of four Black conservative Republicans serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, I join my three colleagues with a proud endorsement of President Donald Trump. At a time of unparalleled attack on our American culture, steeped in respect for the rule of law, his leadership is a beacon uniquely suited for our times.

I have delayed my announcement, hoping for a time when my voice might make a difference. That time has arrived as we witness the corruption of an administration that shamelessly uses the unchecked power of the federal government in an attempt to destroy its political opponent.

Under Biden’s rule, we are seeing the return to a time when this same unconscionable power was used against the Black Community. During my upbringing in the 1960s Jim Crow South, attacks on personal liberty and deprivation of civil rights by a system of cowardly racists were deemed acceptable. They attempted to control through fear and intimidation, by hiding beneath white hoods, sitting as jurors on kangaroo courts where verdicts were predetermined, and acting as night riders, burning crosses in the yards of the victims they targeted. The methods today are different, but the model is the same: bullying and using intimidation to promote fear and compliance.

As we watched President Trump censored and deplatformed due to the Biden administration’s pressure on social media companies to silence an American Citizen, the raiding of his home after his term ended, and the multiple indictments in various states, the message to the American people is clear: comply or we will destroy you!

This institutional abuse of power against my community ended only after the American people, collectively, had enough. This culminated with the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

President Trump represents the forgotten men and women of our nation; the hardworking, honest middle class, and the lower income class attempting to join them. He represents the voices ignored by Biden and the elitists. His love of country offers a clear and compelling counter to the leftists who openly detest our American culture and fear the American people.

President Trump’s presidential term gave successes in economic growth, national security, and individual freedoms. He also made noble commitments to the Black Community with his 2016 ten-point pledge, The New Deal for Black America. This stands in stark contrast to what has (and has not) transpired under Biden.

Let us reject the dark path that looms under Biden’s rule, which is marked daily by political machinations and divisive ideologies. Instead, let us support a leader who truly understands what it means to be a “proud American.”

Though at times gruff, outspoken, and strongly opinionated, President Trump has proven his ability to steer our nation toward a bright and more productive future. There is only one Presidential candidate who could command respect from both our friends and enemies on day one: that person is President Donald Trump.