Donald Trump on Saturday complained about the cost, both in time and in money, that comes along with being criminally charged, asking his fans, “Does that sound fair to anyone?”

Trump, who is facing overlapping legal threats stemming from his alleged mishandling of documents, attempts to overturn the 2020 election, and more, took to his favorite platform — his own Truth Social — to air his grievances about the impact of indictments he claims are actually a “badge of honor and courage.”

“Why should Crooked Joe Biden be able to force me into the time and expense of trials, especially before the Election, on bogus claims pushed by his chief political supporter, The Department of Injustice?” he wrote. “What a horrible precedent this sets for future Presidential campaigns. It is all about Election Interference, and MUST BE STOPPED!”

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Minutes later, Trump posted a follow up teasing what he or other future presidents could do if the DOJ can indict him.

“Just think of it! They (Crooked Joe Biden and his Thugs!) Indict me, and their whole campaign is that ‘Trump is Indicted,'” Trump wrote on Saturday. “Does that sound fair to anyone? Am I allowed to do such a horrible and unconstitutional thing if, and when, I win the Presidency? We are entering really dangerous territory!!!”