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Learn How To Make A No-Sew Makeup Bag

Using a few supplies, you can create a decorative bag that’s perfect to take on the go. This can be used as a pencil case or makeup bag. Best of all? It’s really easy to make!

To start, you will need the following supplies:

  • Favorite patterned fabric
  • Fabric glue
  • Zipper

First, take your fabric and measure/cut it to be 15-inches wide and 10-inches tall. It’s recommended you use upholstery fabric as it’s generally thicker and stronger than other fabrics. Don’t you want a sturdy on-the-go bag?

Next, lay out the fabric and place a zipper down the middle.

Apply a line of fabric glue down each side of the zipper.

Fold over one side of the material, attaching it to the zipper.

Carefully take the other side and attach it to the zipper. Let this dry for about an hour before proceeding.

Once the glue has dried, unzip the zipper. Make sure the material has glued to the zipper backing. It needs to feel secure.

Flip the fabric inside-out.

Glue the outside edges. Then, tuck them in to give it a strong seal. Let the glue dry for another hour.

Now, flip the bag so it’s the right-side out. Allow it to dry overnight before you use it.

Once the glue has dried, then you’re finished! Enjoy your awesome no-sew on-the-go bag.