Software wrote an essay about itself Successful experiment with artificial intelligence, scientists agree – A news scientific field has been opened

Software based on the principle of artificial intelligence (AI) successfully “wrote” an entire essay about itself, Swedish scientist Almira Thunstrom announced the results of the latest achievement in the field of improving artificial intelligence, Swedish media reported.

During the last experiment in the study and improvement of the artificial intelligence program called “GPT-3”, scientists made a request that the program write an essay about itself of a total of 500 characters, using citations and scientific references.

The result of the experiment caused great curiosity among scientists around the world, since the software managed to write an essay in less than two hours, which the scientists characterized as “more than successful”.

Experimentally, a “Pandora’s box” has been opened for further research in the field of artificial intelligence, while the question of reaching consciousness at the level of AI now seems more and more likely. Many ethical questions are now being raised here when it comes to further research.

What happened is a real phenomenon of nature. The question arises as to what dilemmas this technology will cause and how we will manage to solve it all. All we know is that we have opened a completely new scientific field – said the Swedish scientist Almira Thunstrom.

Artificial intelligence represents one of the most mysterious areas in the field of computer systems. The goal of creating so-called artificial intelligence represents the aspiration of scientists to create programs (software) that will have a functioning principle similar to human thinking.